Unprejudiced thinking

Active and visible on an international scale

The education and research that take place at a university are only thinkable in an international context. As a place of research and learning, the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) is active and visible on an international scale. It is only by positioning itself internationally that the UDE can meet its mandate in teaching and research, provide students with a good education, and offer academics and researchers attractive working conditions.

Internationalization Guidelines

The unity and quality of research and teaching with due regard for equality of educational opportunity and social inclusion are central objectives of the UDE. The internationalization of research and teaching should work towards achieving these objectives and assist the UDE in strengthening its position and profile by national and international comparison.

Fostering international dialogue and exchange in research, teaching and academic study is centrally important for internationalization and is accounted for in the international perspective of the University’s appointments policy, diversity management and human resource development.

The UDE does not see internationalization as an end in itself but looks to the development of higher education in general and asks how international activities can support the central goals of higher education development at the UDE. For every international project, thought must to be given to who will benefit from its realization and how far it goes towards securing the general strategic goals of the UDE.

“Open-Minded”, the UDE’s motto, is the standard for all teaching and research at the University and calls for unprejudiced thinking beyond national boundaries and cultures. As an active member of the European and global knowledge society, the UDE considers transnational communication to be essential in advancing scientific and academic knowledge and improving the quality of scientific exchange.

The UDE sets out to give its students the best possible education and prepare them for an increasingly international and globalized labour market. It aims to systematically develop the international skills of its students with a range of instruments while respecting and integrating the valuable intercultural resources the students possess.

International cooperation is built on close scientific, academic and personal contacts and arises out of the work of the researchers and scholars at the UDE. Their work and contacts are the basis on which geographical focus regions can be developed and profiled throughout the University and international networks established.

The UDE welcomes all international researchers and academics and all international students to its campuses and the entire university environment. Every effort is made to ensure that a culture of welcome exists and is practised at the UDE.

International Office First contact

The International Office is the central service office for international contacts of the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE).

We offer support and guidance for international students, post-graduates and other applicants who are interested in our courses of studies. We especially advise them on matters of application and enrolment, and we are in charge of all matters concerning the admission of international students.