Vice-Rector for Development & Resource Planning

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The role and key responsibilities of the Vice Rectorate for Development and Resource Planning’s can be found on this page, including current projects and points of contact.

Role and Key Responsibilities of the Vice Rectorate

Structural and Organisational Planning
  • Questions regarding the structure and organisation of the university
  • Medium and long-term planning for the university
  • Staffing and organisational planning for the University Faculties and central departments
  • Producing the University Development Plan
  • Target setting and performance-level agreements with the faculties and the central scientific institutions and operating units
  • Agreeing university targets with the Ministry of Education
  • Collaborating with other universities, scientific bodies and non-academic institutions on matters concerning the university’s organisation or quality management
Strategic Financial Planning
  • Developing rules for allocating budget resources and modelling resource allocation
  • Planning the allocation of budget resources for special initiatives such as Hochschulpakt 2020 and quality improvement measures
  • Managing performance-based resource allocation (in partnership with the Head of Administration)
  • Formulating principles for using the reporting system as a basis for resource allocation and structural decisions
Quality Management at UDE
  • Institutional evaluation
  • System accreditation (in partnership with the Vice Rector for Teaching and Learning)

The Vice Rector for Development and Resource Planning has the following additional roles and responsibilities:

  • Chair or member of a variety of internal committees and non-academic external panels, commissions, advisory boards and working groups

More about the UDE Development Plan

Vice-Rector for Development & Resource Planning

Reach the Vice-Rector Contact

Professor Dr. Thomas Spitzley

Executive Assistant
Martina Rendel

Team Assistant
Lena Tillman