Transfer & Cooperations

Assuming social responsibility

The sustainability of modern societies depends on their ability to use scientific progress in an innovative and responsible way to solve social challenges.

At the UDE, a large number of actors are working intensively with partners from society, business, the cultural sector and politics.

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Our understanding of transfer

The broad understanding of transfer represented at the University of Duisburg-Essen consists of seven building blocks:
  1. Transfer is the shaping of social responsibility; this task permeates teaching and research.
  2. Transfer links technological aspects with social and ecological challenges that affect social groups or society as a whole.
  3. Transfer arises both on the initiative and on the basis of the expertise of the disciplines as well as through the work of central, interdisciplinary approaches.
  4. Transfer includes the ethical dimension in the sense of responsible research (Responsible Research and Innovation - RRI, EU approach).
  5. Transfer is based on the participation of a large number of people, from formal and informal, institutional and individual networks of civil society.
  6. Cooperation with local, regional, national and international actors* from business and society enables the mutual generation and social utilization of scientific expertise, teaching knowledge and services.
  7. The initiative of the university members, supported by central services, is the supporting pillar of the transfer.

Transfer audit Strategic development

The numerous transfer activities at our university as well as the related processes and sub-structures are based on the individual commitment of the actors. In order to support these efforts in the best possible way and to strategically develop its own understanding of transfer, the UDE took part in the "Stifterverband's transfer audit" in 2017 as one of ten NRW universities. 


At the University of Duisburg-Essen, two prorectorates deal with the different facets of transfer.
The Prorectorate for Research, Career Development a& Science transfer is responsible for research and technology transfer. This involves the transfer of university research results into economic exploitation processes such as patents or start-ups.
The Prorectorate for Social Responsibility, Diversity & International Affairs is responsible for positioning the university in the region and its role in society. In particular, it deals with the questions of how exchange processes between the university and society can be shaped to the benefit of both sides.