A Culture of Welcome

A Culture of Welcome

A special part of the UDE’s concept and identity is a constantly evolving culture of welcome. The main focus in research is on the group of visiting researchers. The UDE aims to continue raising the number of international visitors in the coming years. Like for early career researchers, this refers to the programmes of the DFG, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the European Research Council (ERC Advanced Grants).

The UDE provides its visitors with an attractive environment that takes their requirements into account and wherever possible reduces the bureaucratic burdens on them. This way, visiting scholars and researchers are free to concentrate on their work at the UDE. By creating the right environment to make that possible, the UDE is increasing both its attractiveness and its competitive position.

The high proportion of current international students and an equally high proportion of international students among its graduates place the University of Duisburg-Essen among the top ten in this area nationwide. Students coming to the UDE from abroad are greeted by a strong culture of welcome. The UDE creates opportunities for international students and those with a domestic educational background to meet, for example in the Tutor Service Center (TSC) of the International Office. The UDE is aware that a high proportion of international students alone cannot automatically make the University and campus life more international, and considerable efforts must be made to tap this source of internationalizing potential. Activities relate to integrating international students, creating opportunities for students to meet, regardless of their origin or background, and internationalizing the German students, the overwhelming majority of whom come from the university cities themselves or from the surrounding region. True to its mandate of “taking care” of students at the University, the university-wide mentoring system incorporates international and intercultural elements for international students to make integration easier from the early stages and secure their success throughout their studies. The UDE also turns its attention towards prospective international students and provides a comprehensive and well-structured range of information and advisory services to help prepare them for their studies and build a connection with the UDE from the application stage onwards.

The teaching faculty at the UDE come from increasingly diverse backgrounds, possess a high level of diversity skills and are sensitive to the position of new international students and the demands placed on them linguistically, interculturally and in terms of labour law and residency requirements. In these areas the UDE offers its staff members regular training courses, seminars and support for specific target groups to help develop their skills.

International Office First contact

The International Office is the central service office for international contacts of the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE).

We offer support and guidance for international students, post-graduates and other applicants who are interested in our courses of studies. We especially advise them on matters of application and enrolment, and we are in charge of all matters concerning the admission of international students.